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2016-02-18 15:05:34
I'm done with short-sales! Adios!

I’m done with short-sales! Adios! Bon voyage! Hasta la vista, baby! 

In the six years following 2008, I became increasingly busy working in the short sales side of the business. For the uninitiated, short-sales are a very difficult piece of the real estate business, and in helping distressed homeowners I had to let some other things slide. In 2013 I sold 87 homes as short sales in 2014 this ped to 57 homes. Banks are getting greedier, they want higher values, some notes have been sold at such discounts that the new note holder prefers negotiating with the homeowner on terms.

The other problem is the distressed homeowner who has been in foreclosure forever and who wants to drag it on. I notice that most sellers are no longer motivated, sign up with professionals like me to stop the sale on their home and once that sale is stopped, they go back to their old habits.  

The short sales world creates a lot of frustration in my business. For example, the house may not close in a short sale, and of course, someone has to be blamed. Guess who that would be? Yes, me! Talk about shooting the messenger. My voice mail inbox was like a verbal war zone. Ah, but such is the nature of the business.   

I started doing short sales in an effort to help people, but I learned the hard way that you cannot help those who do not want to be helped. As my father used to say: “No good deed goes unpunished.” And he wasn’t even in the real estate profession.

In effect, it is like the end of a bad horror movie. I am saying “The End” to short sales and just completing what is still on my desk, but I won’t be chasing short sale listings. I will still do the occasional one-off, if I feel the new client is sincere and motivated, but this will be the rare exception.  

New construction has been my main focus of late, and I am so pleased and honored to be granted the exclusive right of sale of the ABD homes in Providence, Davenport. The homes there range in price from high 200’s to over a million dollars. It is so much more fun to sell new construction to enthusiastic people. 

 So, now I have the time to re-establish my presence on the internet by blogging and tweeting. I do love helping people and I feel by offering important information and new data on my blog, Twitter and Facebook that I can share my knowledge with interested readers.

 And, I still love volunteering at my local board. The Orlando Regional Realtors Association, (ORRA). More about that in another blog.


Thank you for reading my re-cap of the past few years and my re-entry into important opportunities to “spread the word” in the established platforms of social media.

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2016-02-18 15:05:34
I'm done with short-sales! Adios!

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